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Young and old and girls and boys
love the pentacubes as toys

Pentacubes – 29 different combinations of 5 cubes – are delivered in a box which also serves as playground. Box and pentacubes are made of wood or recycled plastic. In the box you find the rules of two games: Reserve and Home and dry. Of course you can use the pentacubes for many more games, constructions and puzzles as described in the booklet “Spiele mit Pentakuben”. (sorry – only in German, but the many diagrams don’t need a translation. Soon you will be able to load the translation down in the internet)


Two players choose 12 pentacubes in turn. They then place the ps, again in turn, in the two layers of the bottom half of the box. Cubes should not project above the edge of the box. The last player to put a p. in place is the winner, the first to pass is the loser. During the game each player tries to form reserves, i.e. an open space determined by other ps which can only be filled by one of his own ps. Players try to prevent their opponents from creating reserves, attempting to form their own at the same time.
You can play Reserve also between 3 or 4 players.

Home and dry

Home and dry is a quick game. Already children with 4-5 years of age can take part in it. It is also a bit a matter of good luck.     price     adress/legal information